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Real name Takahira Kogoro
Death year 1854-1926
Profession Diplomat
Birthplace Ichinoseki


National scholar Takahira Mato's adopted child. He served in the Ministry of Industry, but turned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked in the United States at the age of 22. After serving as a secretary for foreign affairs, he worked in the United States again, and subsequently in the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, etc. During this time, he quickly provided information on the three-country interference and contributed to Japan's diplomatic measures. Became a Deputy Foreign Minister under the year 1898 and was involved in the consolidation of the Yoshikazudan case. At the time of the Russo-Japanese War, he was stationed three times in the United States as a special envoy for the all-powerful power, and helped the chief all-powers Kotaro Komura, who sought early conclusion of the Portsmouth Convention. He left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1941 and finally died of an adviser to the Privy Council.

(Reference) Ichinoseki City