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Real name Mifune Hisashi
Death year 1883-1965
Profession Judoist
Birthplace Kuji
Memorial hall Kuji City (Kuji City Mifune Tendan Memorial Hall)


Judo master who lived in Meiji, Taisho and Showa. Kodokan Tendan. Introduction to Kodokan in 1936. Small but outstanding qualities, repeated practice hard to step up 7 years in 1923. The match against Shotaro Tabata in the 199 1st All Japan Judo Championships against Shoichiro Samura, 1934 Showa 9 (1934) Tenrou match is known as a well-known game, and it is Japan's best It was said. Received the name of a master in ten years in 1945. There are "air throw, corner drop" and "ball car" which researched in the life of Judo line. Showa 29 (1954) Year Kuji honorary citizen. Become a culturally successful person in 1961.

Photo courtesy: Mifune Tendan Memorial Hall