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Name Miyagiyama Fukumatsu (Miyagiyama Fukumatsu)
Real name Sato Fukumatsu
Death year 1895-1943
Profession Yokozuna
Birthplace Ichinoseki
Commentary Sumo wrestler. The real name is Sato Fukumatsu. Introductory to the Dewa Sea room in the year 431 (1910), the name of the Iwate River, which is the beginning of May of the same year. During the third stage of the spring of Taisho 2 (1913), he moved to Osaka Sumo and became a disciple of Takada River and renamed Miyagiyama. Entered the Taisho 5 (1916) year, Sekiwaki the following year, and the following year Ozeki, and became a yokozuna at the age of 28 in the summer place of Taisho 11 (1922). The first place where the East-West Merger was realized in January 1927 was won with 10 wins and 1 loss, and the Osaka Sumo was honored. Retirement at 38 years in 1931 (1931) and turning white. After that, he named Shibayama and trained many competent disciples.