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Real name Nomura Nagaichi (Osakazu)
Death year 1882-1963
Profession Writer / Music Critic
Birthplace Shinami Town
Memorial hall Nomura Shodo ・ Arebisu Memorial Hall
Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall


During the middle of the period, Toshio Ishikawa is an alumni of alumni magazines. Newspapers for 33 years since joining Hakuhin Shimbun. The novel, Zenigata-hirajime-bakuhin, actually presents 383 stories in the long, middle, and short stories. The characteristics of his bookbook are to punish hypocrisy and injustice against the spirit of modern law "sin for act and insist on motive" and punish hypocrisy and injustice, "not easily create sinners, common people Affectionately, have made it a bright and healthy catch overall. Also known as the pen name of "Ara Ebisu" in the music review, he published 10 more books such as "Paper Music Conference". Collection of records reaches 13,000 pieces in 40 years and donates to Tokyo. The Nomura Gakugei Foundation was established for 100 million yen in private property, contributing to financial and research funding.

Photo courtesy of Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall