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Name Mansai Kasai
Real name -
Death year 1863-1942
Profession architect
Birthplace Hiraizumi
Commentary Kanno Kinjo, who is said to be the founder of Japanese architecture, is a master of Shaanxi, but he established the Kanno Sakai office in 1936 and worked on many architectural designs. The Bank of Japan (old building), Former Kokugikan, Tokyo Station, Women's Learning Institute, Morioka Bank (currently Bridge Branch of Iwate Bank), Morioka Savings Bank (currently Morioka Shinkin Bank).

Horse breeding house

Name Ichijo Makio (Ichijo Makio)
Real name -
Death year 1858-1938
Profession Horse breeding house
Birthplace Morioka
Commentary Strive to improve Iwate Prefecture's production horse (South Koma), create an improved horse called Iwate Anglo-Norman, and contribute to the production of war horses.

Sericulture improvement and poultry farming

Name Yoshita Hashimoto
Real name -
Death year 1892-1956
Profession Sericulture improvement and poultry farming
Birthplace Shinami Town
Commentary Sericulture and poultry farming business. He is engaged in sericulture and is a local politician who has promoted agricultural activities mainly with Iwate Agricultural Administration Company along with Kokubun Yukichi and others. Especially in the field of poultry farming, it has left a historic footprint as a worldwide poultry farmer. In 1939, it was the first time in the world to produce super-rich chickens that laid 365 eggs in a year-round holiday. In the breeding test of the Tokyo Breeding Research Society of 1951 (Showa 26 (1951)), two each of Yokosuka Plymouth Rock and White Leghorn recorded non-stop spawning year-round, and the record of the lock for egg meat combined was the first in the world. This chicken is an improved species of Zenta and was later named "Zentax".


Name Mizusuke Sukeburo
Real name -
Death year 1864-1922
Profession Fisherman
Birthplace Ofunato
Commentary Fishery. He wanted to be a business man and went to Tokyo to work as a farmer, but he worked on chicken farming, salt production and pastoral farming, but he failed in all but he succeeded in the furious hunting of the fur seals that he began to return home. Subsequently, he advanced to the North Sea salmon and trout fishery, while becoming a pioneer of "making fishery" with abalone breeding in Yoshihama Bay and oyster culture in Matsushima Bay.