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Real name Kenji Miyazawa
Death year 1896-1933
Profession Poet and fairy tale writer
Birthplace Hanamaki
Memorial hall Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Hall


Proceeding from Morioka junior high school to Morioka Takano, he majored in agrochemicals, and studied geology, soil science and fertilizers at the graduate school. After being a teacher at Hanamaki Agricultural School, in 1926 (Taisho 15), he established the Rasujijin Association. The unity of the law and economic philosophy and science was put on the work of the farmer guidance and mental sketch. The Buddhist tale, the animal tale, and the dek novo fairy tale developed thought into a space and a four-dimensional world, and created a beautiful ehatov utopia world. These are contained in the poem collection "Spring and Shura", the fairy tale collection "a restaurant with many orders", etc. and published in 1924. The path of a true religious / scientist has been sought for strict conduct, and its humanism has crystallized as "peasant art".