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Real name Sato Shosuke
Death year 1856-1939
Profession Agronomist
Birthplace Hanamaki
Memorial hall Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall


Enrolled as a first-year student at Sapporo Agricultural School in 1876, and received the pottery of Clark. At the same time as graduating in 1880, he was in charge of agricultural training at his home school. He studied farming techniques at Horton Farm in 1882 (1882) in the United States. He became a part-time worker of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce under the supervision of the Consul General in New York and studied for two years with economist RT Ily at Johns Hopkins University. Returning to the office in 1886, he became principal of the alma mater. Later he served as President of Tohoku University of Agriculture and President of Hokkaido University. He resigned as the president of 1930, and served as the Hokkaido agricultural association chairman. His books include "Agricultural Economics" and "World Agricultural History", and his translation includes "The Economics of Wei."