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Real name Yusuke Matsumoto
Death year 1912-1948
Profession painter
Birthplace Morioka
Memorial hall Iwate Prefectural Art Museum


Immediately after entering Morioka Junior High School, he lost his hearing due to brain meningitis and transferred to the Pacific Painting Institute in Tokyo from 3 years in Morioka. In 1935 (Showa 10), the first prize in the second category for "Building". Monthly "Mischiary Book" issued (until 14th), 1940 "Otabata" · "Town" in the two cities special offer · Ayuru · Avenue 9 room member. Followed by Nova Art Co-form exhibition coterie. He has a passion for the world that can not be heard, such as holding a newcomer painting exhibition with Sugao, Aso Saburo and others, and gives a lot of avant-garde masterpieces such as "Landscape with a Capitol", "Image of a Painter" and "Building" left. After the war he advocated an artist association in the magazine "art" and worked to rebuild the art world, but he got sick at the age of 36.