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Real name Yamaguchi Yoshiro
Death year 1892-1988
Profession Haiku
Birthplace Morioka
Memorial hall Japan Contemporary Poetic Literature Museum
Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall


Taisho 5 (1916) Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University. Introduced to Takahama Kyoko in 1922. Akiharu Mizuhara and Takano Shiju et al established the University of Tokyo Haiku Party, and in 1929, Kyoko Takahama joined with Akiharu Mizuhara et al., When Kyoko Takahama revived the "Sankai" of Masaoka Shiki. In recognition of the excellent phrase as a haiku, not only as a miner but also a leading figure in sketches. There are phrases such as "Weed Garden" and "Winter Blue Sky". A leader of the first-ever haiku "Natsukusa" in Morioka.