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Real name Ueda Tsunetaka
Death year 1900-1980
Profession Businessman
Birthplace Osaka City
Memorial hall Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall


President of Mainichi Shimbun, President of Japan Newspaper Association. Joined the Mainichi Shimbun in 1926, went on a line of sales, went on to become sales director of Osaka headquarters in 1951 and became president and CEO in 36 (1961). He worked on international exchange with Western and South American countries until he resigned in 1968. Received honorary law doctorate from Mammoth University, Illinois, USA in 1968 as a commemoration of Japan-US friendship. The same year Takizawa-mura honored villagers. In 1969, he became chairman of the Iwate Prefecture General Development Council. In addition, we will contribute to the reconstruction of Tendaiji Temple in Jojojicho (now Ninohe City).

Photo courtesy of Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall