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In prefecture, we arrange "Iwate prefecture culture art coordinator" to support culture art activity of everybody of the prefecture.

We are looking forward to your inquiries and inquiries from citizens of the prefecture.

About "Iwate Prefecture Cultural Arts Coordinator"

○ In addition to supporting local cultural and artistic activities in the prefecture, in order to connect cultural arts and residents,
We have set up the "Iwate Prefecture Cultural Arts Coordinator" in the 4 regional promotion areas of the prefecture as follows.

Wide area promotion area Municipalities Commission group contact information
Prefectural Central Area Promotion Area Morioka City, Hachimantai City, Takizawa City, Shizukuishi Town, Kuzumaki Town, Iwate Town, Shinami Town, Yadachi Town NPO corporation Iwate art support center 〒 020-0874
Morioka City Minami Odori 1-chome 15-7 Minami Odori Building 3rd floor
TEL: 019-656-8145
FAX: 019-656-8146
E-mail: kaze@iwate-arts.jp
Prefecture south wide area promotion area Hanamaki City, Kitakami City, Tono City, Ichinoseki City, Oshu City, Nishiwaga Town, Kanegasaki Town, Hiraizumi Town NPO corporation art studio 〒 024-0061
Kitakami city Odori 2-8-27
TEL: 0197-64-7567
Fax: 0197-64-6165
E-mail: g-kobo@ginga-net.ne.jp
URL: http://www.gkobo.jp/
Coastal wide area promotion area Miyako City, Ofunato City, Rikuzentakata City, Kamaishi City, Sumita Town, Ohori Town, Yamada Town, Iwaizumi Town, Tanohata Village Iwate culture support network 〒 020-0874
Morioka City Minami Odori 1-chome 15-7 Minami Odori Building 3rd floor
NPO corporation Iwate Art Support Center
TEL: 019-656-8145
FAX: 019-656-8146
E-mail: kaze@iwate-arts.jp
URL: http://ibsn.web.fc2.com/
Prefecture North area promotion area Kuji area Kuji City, Fushiro Village, Noda Village, Yonocho NPO corporation Yamase design meeting 〒 028-0051
13-1 Kawasaki Town Kuji City
NPO corporation Yamase design meeting
TEL: 0194-61-3229
FAX: 0194-61-3230
E-mail: info@i-yamase.net
URL: http://www.i-yamase.net/
Prefecture Northern area promotion area Ninohe area Ninohe City, Karumemachi, Kuchinomura, Ichinohe Finohe City Arts and Culture Association 〒 028-6104
Ninohe City Yonezawa 28-2
TEL: 0195-23-7111
Fax: 0195-22-1187
E-mail: lovekids@etude.ocn.ne.jp

○ The main activities are as follows.

  1. Cultural art activities and appreciation support
    • Establishment of consultation counter about culture art activity and appreciation
    • Providing information on technical and other advice and cultural arts to the above-mentioned counselors
    • Person doing culture art activity, person who hopes for appreciation and matching between various groups
  2. Maintenance and management of a collaboration system (Cultural Arts Activity Support Network) for promoting cultural arts
  3. Collection and dissemination of information on cultural arts

○ Because we perform various coordination activities about cultural arts based on the above, we look forward to consultations and inquiries from residents of the prefecture.

«Main coordination activities (concerned consultation content)»

  • How should we develop about Morioka geisha in the future?
  • How can I realize the reading and music gathering of Kenji Miyazawa in commemoration of 80 years after my death?
  • I would like to publish a series of cultural arts in Town Magazine.
  • What kind of plan should we devise to make the stage of the local festival rooted in the community?
  • I would like to have a chance to interact with the theater company after watching a reading drama.
  • I would like to carry out an art experience with parents and children lek sponsored by an elementary school PTA.
  • I would like to set up a reading circle and carry out a reading play.
  • I would like advice on the direction of future library activities such as management methods.
  • I do not have the know-how of a tent play, so I would like you to give guidance and support.
  • Please advise on how to apply for a grant to rebuild the festival floats.
  • I want to learn a picture, so I would like you to introduce a circle.
  • I would like to introduce the venue as I would like to hold an exhibition of works using old clothes. Such