The road from Morioka Shiroshita to the Sanriku coastal area has been developed as the main highway of Shonai. Go to Otsuchi-dori from Morioka via Osako (Oha-sama) to Tono, and further over Sakaigi Pass to Otsuchi. There is also a highway that goes from Tohno to the Kamaishi over the Sennin Pass. Morioka-Tono-Daiso was the main road to the Otsuchi Dairy Office, but the route to Kamaishi became a main route with the development of the Kamaishi Port by the development of the Kamaishi Mine. Tono was ruled by Mr. Asanuma in the Middle Ages, and the coastal area centered on Ozushi was ruled by Mr. Ozune, a member of the family of Mr. Amyanuma. Tono has developed as a castle town second to Morioka since Hachinohe Nanbu was transferred in the modern era. Not only was the inland area connected with the coast, it was also the main point of trade that included the Sendai territory, such as Setagame (Setatai) and the head of the head (one set). There is also the Kotobuki Pass crossing as a highway connecting Tono and the coastal area.