The highway connecting Yokote in Hiraga-gun in Dewa and Kitakami in Waka-gun in Mutsu is called the Peace Highway, combining the initials of the names of the county. The name of the peace highway was jointly started by Akita and Iwate Prefectures in 1880, and was named after the completion of the following year. It was called Iwasaki Kaido or Sawauchi Kaido as a side road in the area. Shiraki (Shiroki) Cape is a boundary between Morioka and Akita, and both stations were placed and monitored on both the east and the west of the Cape, but lively exchanges took place at the civilian level. Iron and horses, salt or salt fish and dried fish were distributed, and some Akita residents went to Yumoto and Yugawa for a bath. However, this highway did not leave the area of the side highway as a whole without the system of Honjin and Denma (Tenma) being prepared as a part-time job change course of Ouba Daimyo.