The climbing highway is a route from Hachinohe Castle down to Ichinosawa, Kannon Forest (Kan no Yabushi, Iwate Prefecture Karumi Town), to Fukuoka (Ninoto City, Iwate Prefecture). The name “Climbing Highway” was named because the master of Hachinohe used it to climb Edo by taking part in his work. However, from the Fukuoka, Kannon Forest, and Ichinozawa districts, this highway is a route to the Hachinohe district, and it is called Hachinohe Highway exclusively. In Hanshin 4 (1664), the Hamanto clan of 20,000 stone was formed in the form separated from Morioka clan, and the lords of successive generations passed this highway as a part-time service. The Hachinohe region is a domain controlled by Mr. Nejo (Nejo) Nan from the 14th Century's North-South period, and it is transferred to Tohno (Tono City, Iwate Prefecture) in the 21st Century of Nashiro in the middle of Nanei It continued to After the transfer, the Hachinohe area will be under the direct control of Morioka Pass, and on the April 4th year of MORIOKA's "Miscellaneous Letters" 2 (1653), the area from Fukuoka to Hachinohe, that is, the climbing highway, is a complete change It is written that we dispatched official for the purpose. In addition, in the year 1657, the Morioka Keisei Daimon Shimon has carried out large-scale highway maintenance in the area. In other words, it is thought that the climbing highway has been considerably improved before Hachinohe Pass was established.