The Miyako Kaido is a highway that connects Morioka Shiroshita and Miyako, as well as the main fence in the area, Kuwagasaki. The Miyako Kaido, also known as the "Isoshu Road," is an important distribution route that carries out coastal marine products and rich forest resources of the Kitakami mountain range, but there are many difficult places and there are even roads where maintenance has not reached enough. did. There are several routes, leaving Morioka Shiroshita and going to Yakita (Takabatake)-A route from the early Edo period to go to Okurasu and Yamanaka, or from the early Edo period to climbing mountains Yagawa (Yanagawa) It is Shingu ancient highway etc. Ken Gyu (Den Gyu) Kazusho devoted his life to the road repair of the closed river. We started the renovation between Himeji and Hiratsuto, which is the largest difficult section on the highway in 1758. Morioka-The Kitakami Mountains, which lie in a row between Miyako and the Kiyoi River, which forms a valley that cuts deep into it, is one of the most difficult roads in the area, and it has been necessary to carry out a number of unique renovations .