From Morioka Shiroshita, we reached Araya and Tayama to reach Kakaku (kazuno), and further named the route leading to Takako (Tako) and Sanno in the present Aomori Prefecture as Kikaku road and deer horn traffic. The Kankaku Kaido was developed on the occasion of the development of Kanayama since the beginning of the Keicho period (early 17th century) in Kanago-gun, and it is also an important highway connecting the Osanorizawa Copper Mine and the castle below, and also a copper road. did. The history of the deer horn highway connecting the east and west across the Owha watershed is old, and there are many heritages since the Middle Ages along the highway. In addition, for the area bordered by Akita and Morioka Ryoji, there are 12 places (Odate city) and wreaths (Kagono city) in which the superiors are placed in charge of the role of the border defense.

There are many historical heritage such as castle hall ruins and temples and shrines.