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Lake Gosho (Morioka City)

If you look from the height of Morioka City's Oku-Zashiki and Tsuchi Onsen, you will see Mt. Iwate far and Lake Gosho in front of you.
The landscapes created by the four seasons of the lake surface are like oil paintings. There is a boat boat boat in the prefecture, and it is a mecca for water sports such as boating and windsurfing. There is a swimming pool, a ride space and a baseball stadium on the lakeside, and it is a large sports area.

Iwado Lake (Morioka City)

A man-made dam lake made by Iwadong Dam. The dam is 40 meters high and 351 meters long. The altitude is about 800 meters, and after two power plants, it crosses the Kitakami River at once, and sends water to the reclaimed area in western Iwate Mountain. Iwado Lake is included in the "Outside mountain · Hayasaka Kogen Prefectural Nature Park" and is said to be the most beautiful man-made lake in Japan surrounded by beautiful birch forests.
Its size is similar to that of Nikko Chuzenji Lake, and the extension of the shoreline is comparable to that of Aomori-Akita Prefecture Lake Towada. In spring, mountain stream fishing and gathering of wild vegetables are conducted nearby, and in summer, the beauty of the swarm of watershed, white birch, lily of the valley, and lotus tree azaleas, and the fun of a beautiful astronomical show and family camp of stars in the night sky. Autumn leaves and wild vegetables are collected in the fall. In winter, we will see the lighting up of huge ice objects using the famous smelt fishing and “Honshu's No. 1 cold” and the “Sugafesta” event.

Yaki Aki Lake (Nishi Waga Town)

The flow of the Wakagawa river is stopped for the flood control of Kitakami River, and the artificial dam lake built in 1949 is "Yakiaki Lake (Yuda Dam)". The beautiful nature and lakes that show various expressions due to changes in water levels will delight visitors during the four seasons.
The lake side, which reflects the autumn leaves that burn in amber, is particularly impressive, and has come to be called by the nickname of “錦”. The “Lake Autumn Lake Lake Water Festival”, which is known for the May Autumn Lake Marathon, is a great event where you can enjoy the fresh greenery. The upstream shallows are also crowded with fishermen fishing.

Yuda Dam (Nishi Waga Town)

Waterway construction etc. were carried out by Waga Chubu reclamation construction project plan, and it is gravity-type arch dam "Yuda dam" that was completed as the part.
Although the vast fan area along Wakagawa River was originally undeveloped without being blessed with water sources, the completion of the dam has led to the supply of abundant water stored in the farmland. In addition, power generation is also performed using dam water.
The dam lake is called "錦 Lake" because of the beauty of autumn leaves, and various events are also held in the surrounding area.

Tase Dam (Hanamaki City)

Tase Dam, which was planned as a part of Kitakami River repair work, is a multipurpose dam that also performs power generation and irrigation for the purpose of flood control.
After the construction in 1965, the construction work was temporarily suspended under the influence of the war, but in October 1955, it was completed as a full-scale gravity dam in the direct control dam business.
The area around Lake Tase, which has been built up from Saruga Ishikawa, is full of nature, and is very popular among tourists and families. The lake is also the mecca of great hope because of the abundance of freshwater fish.

Yamayama Dam (Yawadou Town)

Yamayama dam built for the purpose of disaster prevention as a part of state-run Yodogawa coastal agriculture water use business from 1984 to 1959.
With the background of Nanchang Mountain (altitude 848m), which is said to be a treasure house of flora and fauna, the dam lake and its surroundings are ideal for exploring nature. There is also an indoor heated swimming pool, a hot spring bath, a mallet golf course, and a nature walk path nearby.

Ishizuchi Dam (Oshu City)

Japan's first rockfill dam at the foot of the Kurikoma Quasi-National Park and the Yaishi Stone Mountain Range. Showa 21
Construction started in the first year of the 5 major dams of Kitakami River flood control plan in the year, and since then it has become a water point in the gully plain, one of the prefecture's leading granaries.
In addition, we perform hydroelectric power generation in Izawa No. 1 power station, Izawa No. 2 power station and contribute greatly to regional development. The area around the dam is the starting point for climbing Mt. Yariishi, and the majestic nature is ideal for camping and exploring. In winter you can also enjoy skiing.