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Kitakami city Futakocho Boto

Current name

City Park Hase Castle ruins

Terrain and remains

Fiko Castle is about 1,000 meters north to south and about 500 meters east to west. It is the largest castle building trace in medieval Waga-gun. The north side faces the Kitakami River, the east side is an alluvial area, and the central to west sides are terrace cliffs and hills.
On the east side of the alluvial area there is a castle settlement called "Yado". On the northeast side, there is an old building (Swankan), which is a place of the daily life of the castle owner facing the Kitakami River, and it is believed that a residence of a house of worship is located in the vicinity.
The Hachiman Shrine precinct, which is the central part of Futako Castle, is also called the “Toase Forest” and is 70 meters high from the alluvial area. The scale is 100 meters north-south and 70 meters east-west, with an open moat on the west side and three to four hips in the east side. It was used at first as a place of daily life for the castle owner, and it is believed that it was later turned into a castle (a place to stand in an emergency).


The age of the castle is unknown at the main castle of Mr. Waga, who was a Kanto family. Since the Muromachi period, Mr. Waga has reigned in the county as a generalist in Waga-gun, and has grown in power in the Biru district as well as parts of Miyagi and Akita. It is believed that Mr. Waga's home base was located on the opposite side of the Kitakami River, in the area of Araki (currently in Kitakami city Araki-cho district) ("Kuniuchigomurashi" (1797)). Futako Castle is the main castle since the middle of the 15th century, and it is estimated that it had existed for about 150 years before it became a ruined castle by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Oshu training in 1590.


About 20 minutes by car from Kitakami Station