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Kitakami city Wakamachi Iwasaki

Current name

Iwasaki public hall

Terrain and remains

It is located on the left bank tongue plateau with a relative height of about 20 meters and extends along the summer oil (Getou) river, including the village area of the castle within the foot of the mountain to the north side. The area is approximately 5,000 square meters, and the Iwasaki public hall that imitates the Tenshu is built. There are about 15,000 square meters of Sannomaru on the south side and Ninomaru of about 2,000 square meters on the north side, but it is thought that the Ninomaru was shaved by the summer oil river. There was an earthen of about 2 meters in height around the perimeter of each guo, but most of them except for Sannomaru have disappeared. Each gull is divided by empty moats, some reaching 20 meters wide and 15 meters high.
The castle is a low plateau with the Waga River lowland in front of it, and it is as large as about 25,000 square meters. It is thought that the inside was composed of three sections along the plateau.

※ Iwasaki Public Hall is not a restoration of Iwasaki Castle. The appearance is different from the castle at that time.


Iwasaki Castle is the castle of the Waka family, who ruled the Waga region for about 400 years before and after the Muromachi period, and boasts a scale that is second only to Fonago Castle, the main castle. Also known as the “Waga Shield,” Iwasaki-Oi will live in the South-Northern Era, and will come in contact with the territory in Ryakuo 4 (1341). There is also a record that there has been a battle of Mr. Onyanagi) and that there has been an apostle on the ground. Furthermore, it is thought that it was the residence of Mr. Iwasaki for generations because Mr. Iwasaki entered the battle between Mr. Waga and Mr. Akita Sennakita's Oda Keigo party in 1513. In 1590, the territory of Mr. Waga was taken up by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Oshu, but the Waka family was uprised at Iwasaki Castle and fought with Mr. Nambu. After the suppression, it was repaired by Mr. Nambu, and a southern family member has entered the castle for environmental security.


About 20 minutes by car from Kitakami Station