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Iwatani Dojikan under Eshu district, Oshu city

Current name

Tateyama Historical Park Prefectural Iwatanido High School Grand

Terrain and remains

Located in the hills of the northwestern part of the Esashi district town area, it occupies the southern end of the hill that extends from the north to the south, and its top elevation is about 70 meters. Below the eyes flows the Anshigawa River. The main circle is about 90 meters square on the northernmost part of the Hachiman Shrine, and has an earthen on the periphery, and a large ginkgo tree with a age of 800 years or more stands. In the main circle, the Niseiin, which honors Fujiwara Kiyoshi and Kiyohira parent and child, is established. In the southwestern part of the Motomaru, there is a Chuo-ku, followed by a Ninomaru, which is currently used as the Iwatani-do High School Grand. The area with Iwatayado High School and Iwatayado Elementary School building in the southwestern area is thought to be the outer wall, but urbanization proceeds and the details are unknown.


It is believed that there was a castle on this land before the Kamakura period, but there are various theories and details are unknown.
It is thought that Esashi had been in the post of the Esashi county after the Nanbokucho, and there is a historical document with Iwatani Dojo as the second son of Kasai Nobuaki. Mr. Esashi expanded power, and eventually confronted with Kasai Soke (Kasai Soke), and with Keisai in the first year of Keian (1361) and in the civilization (Bunmei) 17 (1485) There is a record that there was a battle. In the battle with Kasai Masanobu in 1495 (Maisei 4), Esashi Ryumi lost, and Iwatani-do Castle became the foremost owner of Kasai Shige. However, around the age of Tensho 13 (1585), it was taken into account by the Shaanxi family, and Eshishige Tsune (Esaishi Shigetsune) has succeeded the landlord. Mr. Kasai falls down in Toyosu Hideyoshi's Oshu, but Mr. Esashi is a vassal of Mr. Nambu, and has served as a guardian of the Sendai border, as the castle of Shin-hori Castle in Kinnuki-gun, followed by the castle in Tsuchizawa Castle
Mr. Yoshiyoshi Kimura (Mr. Kiyoshi Yoshimura), Mr. Mizoguchi, entered the Iwataya Castle where Esashi left, but he was killed by one shot, and then Mr. Koori, a member of Date Masamune, entered the castle, cut waterways, Promoted the development of land areas such as the reclamation of wetlands. Furthermore, in the second year of Manji (1659), Mikinori Iwaki of the Date family entered the castle, and it was called "Iwataido Kanamed Yashiki", a key battlefield in the Sendai Aboriginal north side, and marked the Meiji Restoration.


About 20 minutes by car from Mizusawa Station About 15 minutes from Tohoku Suizawa IC