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Ichinoseki City Tsuruyama

Current name

Tsuruyama Park

Terrain and remains

Mr. Tamura's residence in the early modern period was located in the eastern end of Tsurugan (now in the area of the castle), and no one could enter because Tsurugan was a place overlooking the residence of the lord. The Shujii-kan was surrounded by water moats and filled the bank, and the area was consolidated by a moat. There is a "Gokenhori" between the townhouses and the lower-level Sakai-yashiki, and there is a main gate in the current Omachi bordering this moat, and a back major in the landowner town.
There is no historical source and it is difficult to verify the medieval Ichinoseki Castle, but according to the excavation survey with the improvement of the park, it is thought to extend around 450 meters east and west and around 400 meters north to south centering around fishing mountains. Tsurugiyama is a hill where the Aoi River flows west and the Saki river flows east, and most of the plain area can be overlooked below. Also called Takasaki Castle, Honmaru is a rectangle of about 90 meters above sea level and 100 meters by 50 meters. One empty moat was recognized in the hill following the same level as the main circle, and it seems that each frame was arranged in steps with a moderate drop except for the main circle. There is a tiger mouth northeast of the Senjojiki, and there is a square of some height in the southeast, and facilities such as Yakura are imagined. There is a small mountain in the west, and Tamura Shrine is surrounded by the side.


After Mr. Shaanishi was destroyed by Oshu's duty, Ichinoseki becomes the possession of Mr. Date after passing through Toyotomi Daimyo Kimura. Keicho (Keicho) 9 (1604) Date Masamune moved his uncle, Rojo Masakage, to Ichinoseki, and during the year of Kanbun (Kanbun) (1661-1672), the 10 men of Masamune (Muneshi) But I will join, but due to the day of the Date (刃 事件 刃 刃 事件 宗 宗 distributed to Tosa (Kochi Prefecture), Tenha (Tenna) 2 years (1682) Tamura Ken Aki (Tamura Takeaki) Iwanuma (Miyagi Prefecture After the transfer to the Meiji era, Mr. Tamura's 11-year-old lord inherited Ichinoseki as a shrine. Ichinoseki clan is a sashimi of Sendai clan, covering 30,000 stones in the 2 districts of Sakurai and Kurihara (Miyagi prefecture), and was treated as a gate in Shonai, but was treated as a daimyo from the Shogunate.
It is said that before the modern era, it became a position of the Consul General Sakauetamura Maro in the year of Taito (Taido) (806-809), and Abe's younger brother, Goro Asai, in Tenki (1053- 1057) It is not clear that it is said that it has become a position of Mt. Yomi, the parent and child of Mt. Yoriyoshi during the year of Kohei (1058-1064). Kasai's Veteran and Onodera Michiter entered the Ichinoseki Castle during Tensho (1573-1591), when he moved his base from Ishinomaki to Tome (all in Miyagi Prefecture). It is believed that he transferred the Onodera who had taken over the


About 5 minutes by car from Ichinoseki Station 15 minutes from Tohoku Road Ichinoseki IC