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Morioka City Kamikazuma Gobei Nitta 48-1

Current name

Shiba Castle Ancient Park

Terrain and remains

It is located on the lower terrace formed on the right bank of Kashiwa Ishikawa, and it seems that the river used to flow near the north side of the castle. The outer shell is surrounded by a thick pile of soil and a large ditch, and is 840 meters by 930 meters square, with a gate at the center of each side and a 60 meter interval. It is a military-like facility where the (Yagura) was built.
In the central area, there is a 150-meter square government office trace, and it is connected with the outer wall by an 18-meter-wide street. The south and north gates had magnificent eight-leg gates.
Outer gate south gate and government office south gate are restored. The outer gate of the south gate is 15 meters wide and 11.1 meters high, and it is the second-largest restoration scale after Heijo Gyoza Suzakumon (Nara City). On both sides of the gate, Tsukiji Pass (highest restoration scale in Japan) with a height of 4.5 meters and a length of 252 meters, and 10 firewood with a height of 6.95 meters have also been restored.
Shiba Castle is larger in size than Takijo Iwasawa Castle and comparable to Tagajo Castle (Miyagi Prefecture), and the government is twice as much as Tagajo Castle and three times as many as Miyazawa Castle.


Sakauetamura Maro (Sakauea Uemura Maro), who acquired the Gurizawa region and built Gorizawa Castle, is the northernmost ancient castle fence in the northernmost country of Japan, built in the Shikishigawa River in 22nd year (803) in Kitakami. It is a castle to protect the north side of Giruzawa Castle from Emishi, and it is thought that security was stabilized by this castle being built, and it was possible to transfer the guardian deity from Tagajo Castle to Giyosawa Castle. However, after construction, it became an abandoned castle in about 10 years due to flood damage, etc., and its function has been relocated to Tokutanjo (Tokutanjo, now Yahata-cho).
At one time Shiba Castle had its location unclear, and there were several pseudo-stations around Shiba Town burial mound, but the field crossing and excavation survey after 1925 Taisho 14 (1925), especially from 1976 By the excavation survey for the construction of the Tohoku Expressway, it was confirmed in 1959 that the place that had been called Otakata Haccho remains is Shiba Castle. It has become a national designated historic site in 1984.


About 10 minutes by car from Morioka Station Tohoku Road Morioka IC, about 10 minutes from Morioka Minami IC