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National designated, Important intangible folk cultural property
Classification Kagura
name Great Complaints Kagura
alias Hayaike Mine Kagura
Designated date May 4, 1959
Holding group Otoko Kagura Preservation Society
location Hanasaki City Osakocho Osako
home page Hanamaki

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Weaving (hatching)



Kagura is handed down to the Osaki area in Hanamaki city, and is dedicated to the annual festival (Oct. 15) of Oso Shrine in the village. It is said that it has the same origin as Take (Kake), and the two are collectively called "Hayaike Mine Kagura." Although the origin of the tradition has disappeared and the details are unknown, it is said that it was conveyed to a separate compensation accomplice by the god of Akira Tanaka, who was founded by the founder of the Hayaike Mines. In addition, it is believed that a separate book has a transfer of Changkyo 2 (1488), and that it was established by this time. The mountain and the temple are said to be the brothers and sisters Kagura of "one side and the other side", and the mountain god side of the temple is the "a" that opened the mouth, while the side of the mountain has the form of "un" that the mouth closed. ing. The performances are almost the same as "dance", "outdoor dance" and "Kyogen".

Yamagami (left: Takekagura · Right: Otokogura)

Main performance place

Otoko Shrine example festival (September), dance (December), dance beginning (Jan), etc.