Known as an entertainment for gods performed at shrines, Iwate Prefecture has 4 categories of Kagura, namely "Yamabushi Kagura", "Miyaburi Kagura", "Serifu Kagura" and "Taga Kagura". The oldest and most available Yamabushi Kagura is a musical dance using Sanbyoshi (flute, drum and cymbal) passed on by the group of performers and is performed at Kagura-den and stages of private houses. "Kami" has the meaning of "Kamukura (seat of the God)" and only the embodiment of God wearing the Shishigashira (lion-head headgear) has the authority to sit on it. "Gaku Kagura" and "Otsugunai Kagura" of Ohamasama Town, Hanamaki City are also very popular as they are passed on to many areas of the prefecture. Among the types of Yamabushi Kagura, "Daijo Kagura" is most influenced by the Shugendo religion and is inherited by the residents of Susumago District, Kitakami City.