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Pseudonym reading Omomikara
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date June 4, 1993
Specified details
location Tanohatamura Wano
Holding group Omiya Kagura Preservation Society
Management organization


Omiya Kagura is said to have been transmitted from Miyako's Kuromori Kagura by Eifuku-in of Haguro School Yamabushi in Tanohata-mura. It was originally called "Wano Kagura" because it was originally a Kagura group in the separate Wano area where it lives, but the fact is that it is attached to Omiya Shrine, the Kagura representative Tanohata family is a direct line of Eifukuin Because of that, now we go by the name of Omiya Kagura. Although the time of its establishment is unclear, it is believed that it has been established at least for the year of Kanaga (1848 to 54), since it is said that there was a Kagura book from Eifuku-in, which is inscribed in the Kaei era. The program is about 50, and it is divided into a part, jorong and serif kagura, but its art style is extremely valuable, keeping its old form as seen in the ceremonies of dance and the god of the mountain. Every year on New Year's Day 2 after Omiya Shrine or Kotori Shrine, after a ceremony of worship, when enshrining Omiya Kongen, around the master's place in the village, when honoring Obuchi Kongen, to the north Kuji city, south to Kamaishi city I speak the cities and towns.