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Prefecture-designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Kagura
name Enmanji Kagura (Enmanji Kagura)
Designated date February 15, 1974
Holding organization Enmanji Kagura Preservation Society
location Hanamaki

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Mai Gongen


Enmanji Kagura is a Yamabushi kagura that has been handed down to the Kannonyama area of the Kanadate character in Hanamaki City, and is said to have been reported by Yamabushi practitioners based on Enmanji in the same area. Dedicated to the annual festival of the Yasaka Shrine (October 25), Kannon-do, Toriyagasaki Shrine and other shrines in Hanamaki City. In the past, from the harvest to the New Year, they traveled around the Yuguchi and Hanamaki districts, performed exorcism and fire prayers at Gongen Mai, and used Yagura as a venue for private houses. It is said that it will be transmitted almost at the same time as Hayaikemine Kagura, but details are unknown because there is no reliable record. At the beginning of the Edo period, when Kitamatsusai was in Hanamaki, the castle of Hieguki and Waga 2 counties, during the Torigasaki Shrine Festival (now Hanamaki Festival), the mikoshi was heavy and did not move, and Shinto and Yamabushi prayed. However, there was no helper, and there was a recommender, and when he dedicated the Enmanji Kagura, he began to move. It is said that he began to receive Matsusai's thick asylum since then. The performances consist of Shiki-rokuban ("Torimai", "Chitose Okimai", "Sanbaso", "Yawata Mai", "Yamagami Mai", "Iwato Kai"), Zaigai no Mai, Kyogen and Gongen Mai. The order of Formula No. 6 is the same as that of Hayaikemine Kagura, except that the dance of Chitose in front of Okina has changed. In addition, Gongen Mai differs greatly in that Gongen screams "Peepy" and swallows and exhales white cloth, white fan, and side armpits one after another.

Main performance places

Yasaka Shrine annual festival (October)