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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Kagura
name Tsuchizawa Kagura
alias Hayaike Mine Daisen Flow Tsuchizawa Kagura
Designated date March 31, 1982
Holding group Tsubaki Shish Kagura Preservation Society
location Hanamaki City Towa Town Tsuchizawa
home page Hanamaki

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Hachiman Mai (Hachimanmai), Ryuten (Ryoden)


Tsuchizawa Kagura belongs to Hayaike Mine Daisetsu Nagarebushi Kagura, and has been transferred from Daisaku-cho Kagura, Osako-cho, Hanamaki-shi, and has reached the present, but it has been unknown since when. However, the year issue of Tenpo and Hiroka (1830-1848) was found in the dance tools, and it is thought that it had already been around this time. It had been suspended for a while from the early Meiji period, but it is said that it was resurrected by inviting the master of the aptitude, Naoki Sasaki, around 1907. There are many dance performances such as "Kanmai", "Kanmai", "Iwato Maiko no Mai", "Tenyo", etc., and it is played at Shinto shrines and other events in the town besides the 14th annual festival. This Kagura is the main stream of Hayaike Mine Kagura. It is very valuable because it preserves the ancestors of the old Yamabushi Kagura well, and conveys the traditional beauty of the style.

Main performance place

Kashiwa Hachiman Shrine Regular Festival (September)