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Southern Kiso


In Iwate Prefecture, there are several songs in the Tono, Kesen, Sawanai, Esashi region and so on that have the name "Kiso". "Nanbu Kiso" is from Nishiwakamachizawa. A group called "Migaki-no-Miki" such as Anshiro-cho (now Hachimantai), Iwaizumi-cho, Shizukuishi-cho, Nishiwaka-cho Sawauchi, and Tono-shi spread from having walked the various places as a Kiso artisan.

name Southern Kiso
Birthplace Tono City Nishiwakamachi Sawauchi

I heard that there was a noise in the back of my house.

Kinoshima half-year-old living in Kiso with what cause

A carpenter's friend who has a difficult relationship with Kiso

I'm a lie I saw a saw without a saw is a lie

Okuyama I grew up in the southern part of the country, so it is early morning Kiso

Xylophone causal thing woman and hardwood day never get along

Carpenter from Kiso-san I'm assembling a tree without a cute edge

If the carpenter's gnome is not the world of the gods, the god and the Buddha will rain

Summer oil xylophone


It is believed to have originated in the Taisho era, and was excavated in 1959. Natsunogi Kiso is one of "Making itaki" of "Migaki Miki", and says "Senko, Senko" as a roar of a large tree with a large saw.

name Summer oil xylophone
Birthplace Kitakami

The sound that I shouts with my mind Psycho Psycho where dokokoi Dora I was Yaha Hare Yaresa Yohaha Senko take care of

I went to the back of Masuzawa Yooha ド and Dokkoi 鎌 鎌 ハ ハ ハ ハ 刈 り 刈 り コ

One hand two pieces and a hand to pull is also lightly Yoho summer oil Dokkoi that day Yohaha Hare Yaresa enjoy Yohahasenko Senko

Southern Yamakoan


"Yamako" is a person whose occupation is wood-burning or charcoal-baking, and it is a pottery of people who work in mountainous areas in eastern Shiwa-cho and Hanasaki-shi Osako-cho, which is the old Kamaishi Kaido Line from Morioka to Tono. According to one theory, it was thought that the thing that the woodcut people in Yamagata Prefecture who had come to earn had revived in Osatsu.

name Southern Yamakoan
Birthplace Shiwa-cho Eastern Hanamaki-shi Osako-cho

私 奥 奥 南部 南部 南部 南部 高 い 高 い 高 い 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 土 サ イ サ イ Sai

Hear this morning too early, so it is the haunt of the hockokko yamako (Hey Haih)

The birds that cry in the mountains What are you crying-Spring is Aoba in the clear water of summer water Sai Sai Fall is the colorfulness of a maple tree Sai

Hear this morning too early, so it is the haunt of the hockokko yamako (Hey Haih)

Southern mountain foot


It has a long history, also known as the "fifteenth verse". There is still a document that was captured in the end of the Edo period by a shibuya. "Fifteen-seven" is also known as "Five-fifty-seven" (alias of southern wood-cutting).

name Southern mountain foot
Birthplace Jirojicho, Ninohe City Tamayama Ward, Morioka City, Morioka City

Yaedea Yae Yamagata blooms and looks down on me Yaay blooms in a nice flowery mountain

Today is good ~
A rainbow rainbow stands from the clouds in the sunny west of Yaei

Yae the insect of the hot spring firefly shines herself with the affection of the Yae roux

Sodonoko / Righteous Sokon


There is still a legend that this section was created improvised to immerse the Hokuto family, who had fallen here during the South-North Dynasty. It is said that the lyrics "devilfish" is a dropper, "rocky rock" is a back ground, "napping" is hidden, and "march" represents a hunter or chase. After that, he was found to be earning Noyama, and after a long period of time it is considered to have changed to "Sonde-no-mushi".

name Sword
Birthplace Iwaizumi-cho Ogawa

Connoson Deconor who is born and has a good voice

Good voice-Conoson Deconor in the semi-nest of the opposing mountain

Conoson deokor who was so ugly to parents in the nest of semi

Face-down Conoson Deconor with a haggard na し

A hard-to-do Cononson Deconor who is not known to people

Two people who are unlikely to be struggling

name Righteous
Birthplace Iwaizumi-cho Ogawa

A deer's Shishio Apocalyptic rock in the middle of a napping rock I've taken a nap A napping my nap I'm a hunter A dream come true

This morning I finished the coat of the morning This morning I finished the evening The day when the snow falls and the night of the wind

The night of the wind-To hide the enemy in the night-To hide the shadow-To hide the shadow of the mountain in the shadow of the mountain of the mountain The shadow of the rock in the shadow of the rock



It is a kind of mowing bush, and it is thought that it is thought that it is derived from cutting nut and straw of high nutritive value together with persimmon etc. when storing dry grass which is feed for wintering of horses.

name Mower
Birthplace Prefecture south area

(High) Me and (High) going over Naha that mountain (High)
Holding straw and (high) bales for Naha Arya mowing

I mow the bushes and remember the village horses on the top of the mountain

The horse is a foreign mountain horse cocoon is the best in southern Japan

name Birthplace
Mowing casket Oshu City Mizusawa Ward