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New local food

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Introduction of cooking

We add 100% delicious rice flour, specially made spinach, and a long bowl of rice dumpling that has been made and passed from long ago.


(18 bottles) 3 cups of water powder, 2 cups of water, 2 cups long, 40 g of soy sauce, 50 cc of soy sauce, 40 cc of spinach, 18 g of salmon

How to make

When the cup is wet, add 3 cups of flour and stop the fire. Bounce it by hand.

Divide 2.1 into three equal parts. One was peeled and grated with a long bowl, one was washed and boiled, and the mixture was placed in a spinach mixed with spinach, one was empty Divide into things.

Cut 3.2 into a rod, cut it into the same size, and roll it up (it takes about 15 minutes with a long stick, others about 20 minutes). If you put it in the ball, put 50cc of soy sauce around it, put it around the ball and put the soy sauce around it.

4. Add four to each bowl.

Cooking point

1. Put flour in moist hot water.

2. Measure properly.

3. Good texture. The weather is good too.

4. I can not stick to my hand.