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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area

Fushiro Village

Introduction of cooking

The snack is made by sprinkled flour with water. What used to be made without adding water or hot water to flour is called "dantsu" in the past.


(4 servings) 300 g of flaw, 150 g of flour, 1 tbsp of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of black sesame, 1 tbsp of walnut

How to make

1. Mix well with flour, sugar and salt, squeeze in half, add walnuts to one side, add black sesame seeds to the other and mix.

2. Make each into four equal halves in a flat round shape.

Boil 3.2 enough with boiling water and fry it as it rises.

4. ※ It is delicious whether it is hot or cold. Depending on preference, it may be either black sesame or walnut.

Cooking point

1. Since "Dantsu" squeezes flour with moisture of crack, in order to make it firm, adjust the amount of wheat flour depending on the amount of moisture of scratch.

2. Do not put too much sugar or salt.

3. The basic taste is basic to take advantage of flaws, black sesame seeds and walnuts, but you can, for example, arrange them by frying in oil or baking with sugar miso.

Upward Mr. Tei's "Study"

Contact Fude Village 21 Horiuchi 26

Telephone 0194-35-2393

Explanation "Kirizu" is "Okara".

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