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New local food

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Introduction of cooking

It's a manju made with oyster paste.


(40 pieces)
Stir frying powder ... 900 g, glutinous rice powder ... 100 g, white sugar ... 100 g, grain bean paste ... 1.2 kg, potato starch ... a little [an]
Azuki ... 1 kg, sugar (roughness) ... 1 kg, salt ... 0.8% of the total amount

How to make


1. Sift the oyster paste and glutinous rice flour and mix well. Put it in a bowl and add 900cc of boiling water little by little, and leave it for about 5 minutes until it is mixed well and moist.

2. Knead the moistened powder by hand. This is sliced to a suitable size and steamed for 15 to 20 minutes in a boiling steamer.

3. Steam the steamed oysters with a kneader. Stick carefully while adding sugar.

4. Sprinkle starched starch on spreader board, and place oyster paste on it with a maple machine. Slightly cool (it's too hot and soft, and it's easy to lose its shape) and divide it into 40 equal parts.

5. Flatten each sheet flat, put the bean paste and round it up.

【Grain sauce】

1. Wash the red beans clean and boil in water overnight.

2. When it gets soft, add sugar and boil it down. Add the final amount of salt and mix it up.

Cooking point

1. Add hot water to the powder and increase kneading if you knead well.

2. Use sugar on the skin to keep the softness, and carefully stick it with a sticker.

3. Remove Kibimanju from the raking machine to make it clean and let it cool a little and make it.

4. Since sugar is used for the skin, the sweetness of the bean paste is avoided.

"Kibi manju" of Kouichi Kouichi

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