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Introduction of cooking

Healthy steamed bun with plenty of shiitake mushrooms. There are 4g (fresh 40g) of dried shiitake in one bun.


(For 16 pieces)
Dried shiitake mushroom ... 70 g, pumpkin ... 500 g, peeled sweet potato ... 1 cup, three hot sugar ... 100 g, soy sauce ... 50 cc
Flour: 300 g, baking powder, 1 tbsp, amaranth powder, 1 tbsp, dried shiitake mushroom: 20 g, miso: 20 g, milk, 1 cup

How to make


1. Wash the pumpkin, take a thick crust, cut it roughly, steam it and crush it.

2. The dried shiitake mushrooms are rehydrated, finely chopped, and seasoned with soy sauce.

3. Mix flour and corn 1 and 2 together, divide into 16 pieces, round and freeze.


1. Sift the flour. Bring back the shiitake in lukewarm water and mince it.

2. Put a quantity of milk in a container and melt the miso. Add chopped shiitake mushroom, amaranth powder and baking powder into it, mix the sieved flour and knead it to the firmness of ear tab.

3. Add a thin spread of shiitake mushroom to a piece of 16 and put it into a marinade. Steam for 13 minutes with a steamer.

Cooking point

1. I use 4g (fresh 40g) of shiitake dried in one autumn leaves manju.

2. The freezing of shiitake is to simplify the work of wrapping with skin.

3. In order to take advantage of the flavor of Shintake, don't make the score less than 5 mm.

4. Use dried shiitake to make it tastefully.

Mako Kikuchi's "Mokokori-kun's Autumn Leaves Manju"

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