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Introduction of cooking

The dried malt is added to rice bran rice porridge, warmed, rubbed and boiled to make it a secret water bean paste.


(Finish volume about 800cc)
[Wheat malt] Barley ... 2 cup [Boiled rice] Boiled rice ... 1 kg, dried malt ... 100 g, water ... 3 liters

How to make


1. Barley is rinsed and soaked in water. Replace the water daily.
Spring to Autumn 2 to 3 Days Summer 1 to 2 Winter 3 to 4

2. Raise to dry and drain.

3. Spread 2 to 3 pieces of cloth, lay cotton cloth flat on it, line up with 2 barley, cover with cloth, and hang 2 or 3 more. (To keep the humidity and temperature)

4. Scrub in the morning and evening and mix with water as it gets wet.

5. Rooting in 2 to 3 days and sprouting later.
When roots grow to twice the size of barley, sprouts appear. It's done when the sprout has grown to twice the size of barley.

Spread the oats of 6.5 thinly and dry completely.

7. After drying, grind with a mixer etc.


1. Wash the rice thoroughly, soak it overnight, and cook it in a 3x water bowl.

2. Cool the rice bran to 60 ° C, add dried malt and stir well.

Hold for 5 to 8 hours while maintaining the temperature of 3.60 degrees. (What was sloppy when the malt is put, a clear liquid is formed at the top.)

4. Put in a bag and squeeze.

5. Put the squeezed liquid in a pan and heat, and scoop up the "foam" and boil it until it becomes scaly on medium heat. It will be finished if it is in a state where the thread is pulled up after being scooped up and drained.

Cooking point

1. The malt is crushed, but it is easy to squeeze when used together with barley husk.

2. The saccharification power of malt powder can be maintained for 2 to 3 months when stored in a refrigerator or the like.

3. The temperature for malting is 50 ~ 60 ° C. (The degree of saccharification is lost when the temperature is 60 degrees or more, and when it is less than 50 degrees, various bacteria enter and the degree of saccharification decreases.

Setsuko Kanno's "Malt water candy"

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