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traditional Cousine

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Introduction of cooking

It is made in the oval form with the uru powder, and it is baked by putting a walnut. Because it is made in oval, it is one of the Tono specialties that are good for you.


(60 pieces) 1kg of flour, 100g of walnuts, 400cc of soy sauce, 4 tablespoons of egg sugar

How to make

1. Knead the flour at 40 to 50 ° C to make a little bit more than earlobe.

2. Boil it in boiling water, and boil it in boiling water until it becomes hot, and boil it until it has no water for the ball while it is hot. Add walnut oil to the plate and hand, and spread it into a long rod of 2 mm in diameter, cut it into pieces 7 to 8 in length, and spread it evenly with a rolling rod. Make plate of 10 × 5 (to raise the edge a little)

3. Bake to dryness with charcoal, add soy sauce immediately.

4. Add half the amount of walnuts to a pestle (until a little bit of boucutsu remains), season with soy sauce and sugar, and paint well with grilled salmon.

Cooking point

1. For the dough, use rice flour made with your own rice and knead with attention to the softness of the dough so that the tongue feels better. The soy sauce is used to simmer the soy sauce, and it has a different flavor from the one using the traditional miso and the one using ginger soy sauce. In addition, because the sweetness is suppressed, eating without getting tired, the taste remains firmly even after time passes. Boiling the sauce seems to extend the storage time somewhat.

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