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New local food

Main area


Introduction of cooking

A confection of rice flour with natural colors such as sesame seeds, pickled plums and wormwood.


(18 pieces) Flour powder ... 500 g, white sugar ... 300 g, boiling water ... 400 cc, salt ... a little bit, starch powder ... a little, baking soda ... a little, sesame seeds ... 100 g, pickled plum ... 5-6 months, wormwood ... 80 g

How to make

[Prepare before you get into work]

1. Sesame seeds in advance.

2. Chop the umeboshi into small pieces.

3. Yomogi, put a little baking soda in boiling water, add it to a mixer and paste it.

1. Add boiling water to the powder and knead it until the softness of the earlobe. In order to improve the steaming process, the cooked one is broken into 5 to 6 equal parts and steamed with a steamer for 20 minutes.

2. While it is hot, put it in a bowl, sprinkle a little salt, make it into a lump, knead with sugar in your hand. (Separate the sugar into 10 portions) Knead until it is filled with human skin.

3. Knead it into three equal parts, add sesame, plum and yomigi to each and mix thoroughly.

4. Put the starch powder, make it into a stick, roll it and make a round, and divide one into 6 equal parts.

Cooking point

1. Use self-produced gold bill rice "Hitomebore" and try to expand consumption of rice, and try to use self-produced products and natural things as much as possible, using plum radish made by yourself, Yomogi grown on its own, etc. There is.

2. When you put in sugar, it will melt in your mouth if you put it at once, so it is important to knead it while putting on sugar. Be careful not to get burned as it is hot.

3. In addition to the three colors, we also use seasonal ingredients to make materials such as pumpkin, zodiac, and red beans.

Ito Seiko's "Two-color-a-ma"

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Name of store Tahara Sankoku

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Description 200g containing 200 yen