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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area

Rikuzentakata City

Introduction of cooking

A snack that can be made in a frying pan using flour, pigtails, shiitake mushrooms and walnuts. Because a lot of pigtails are used, the cut looks like a stone wall, and the name is derived from being delicious as mochi.


(5 servings) 200g flour (medium power), 150g sugar, 200g white potato (boiled beans) 200g red pepper (boiled beans) 200g, 3 dried shiitake mushrooms, 30g dried walnuts, 2 teaspoon baking powder, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon miso 1 cup of salad oil 2 teaspoons (1 teaspoon for frying pan), water 150 cc 【Material for soaking sauce】 White gourd 100g, white sugar 80g, salt 1 teaspoon, red blemish 100g, lice 80g, salt 1 teaspoon

How to make

1. Return the red and white sakes to the water and simmer in triple water separately so that the colors do not mix. Boil quietly so as not to break the sacrifice. Add sugar and salt if it becomes soft and season.

2. Return the shiitake to water and mince it. (Do not return too much)

3. Peel off the nuts and keep them crisp.

4. Sift the flour and baking powder.

5. Take eggs and add miso.

6. Add sugar to the water, add the beaten egg, bowl, shiitake mushroom, dried walnuts, salad oil, add flour and add to the quick mix.

7. Lightly fry the salad oil in a frying pan, turn over on medium heat for 10 minutes and bake for 3 minutes.

Cooking point

1. The shiitake mushroom will not get too much because it will become too watery.

2. Boil quietly so that the sauce does not collapse.