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Introduction of cooking

This dumpling is made of rice flour 100% with elasticity, elasticity and a rustic taste that does not stick to teeth.


(25 pieces) 1 kg of rice flour, 1,400 cc of hot water, 25 pieces of comb, 150 cc of soy sauce, soup stock (thick) Large Saji 3

How to make

1. Divide the rice flour into balls etc. 500g each.

2. Prepare each half of the ingredients, pour boiling water into the powder, stir in the powder and leave it until it is completely cooled in the state of pasapasa (about human skin in summer).

3. Then, squeeze well until you are relaxed in the earlobe position.

4. When it comes to resiliency, make it into a slender rod shape, and roll one piece into 5 cm or so with a knife flat. (About 40g with 5 per bottle)

5. Put a steamer on a fire and spread a cloth, and boil it for 12 minutes until it becomes clear by arranging the dumplings so that they do not overlap. (If it is a steamer for 3 servings, repeat 2 to 3 times.)

6. Put water in the bowl beforehand, steam it up into it, put the cloth with a cloth, take it one by one and take it out of the water.

7. Boil the seasoning, put dumplings there and shake the pan with it to make it whole.

8. Soak the salmon in the water and pour five soy sauce dumplings into it.

Cooking point

1. Pour hot water into rice flour, stir with a chopstick and stir in a state of patapasame until it is elastic.

2. Do not add absolute powder after the time of bending as a point of sense of stiffness. In order to have enough strength, it is important not to make all the powder at one time but to divide it into about 500 g and add boiling water.

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