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Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area


Introduction of cooking

Commitment to the traditional taste and method, 30 types of shape repertoire. Use wooden molds, bamboo chopsticks, chopsticks, scissors and spoons for shaping.


(30 pieces) Whip flour 750 g, Sticky powder 250 g, Koshian 750 g, Katuri flour

How to make

1. Put the flour and glutinous flour in a bowl, pour in boiling water, cover as pasapasa, let it rest overnight.

2. The next day, take 1 and round in a circle about 10 cm in diameter and simmer in boiling water. If it comes up, cool it in water. Generally, when it cools down to human skin, this is further treated.

We separate decoration for from 3.2 and color with flushing.

4. Divide the remaining cloths into 30th place and catch the bean paste.

5. Form into flowers, peaches, roses, leaves of trees, eel and so on.

Cooking point

1. Be aware that the amount of hot water changes in the dry state of the powder, and make it not too soft.

2. Toothy feel is improved by having enough stiffness.

3. Use wooden molds, bamboo chopsticks, chopsticks, scissors, and spoons for making.

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