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It is cultivated mainly in Iwashimizu, Chikusa-cho, Ichinoseki City, to make nutritious Amaranthus a specialty of the area. I tried to incorporate that amaranth into a snack. The taste is good and it is a health food, so it is popular among all ages.


[Country steamed bun]
Flour ... 325g, egg ... 1 piece, brown sugar ... 250g, carbonic acid ... 1 tablespoon boiling water ... 75cc, amaranth powder ... 20g, walnuts and azuki bean paste [Amaranthus handmade cake containing grains]
Wheat flour ... 240 g, sugar ... 240 g, eggs ... 4 pieces, butter or margarine ... 120 g, amaranth, walnuts / fruit (up to the same amount as butter)
Flour ... 300g, Sugar ... 250g, Carbonated ... 20g, Eggs ... 2pcs, Honey ... 2 tablespoons, Oil ... 1 tablespoon, Miso or soy sauce ... 1 tablespoon, Vinegar ... 100cc, Milk ... 100cc, Amaranth powder ... 50g, Walnut ・ Dried Fruit ... appropriate amount

How to make

[Country steamed bun]

1. Melt sugar with boiling water.

2. Combine egg and carbonated and mix with 1.

3. Add the flaxseed amaranth flour and flour and knead well and let go for 2-3 hours.

4. Scrub the bean paste, and either the bean paste or the chopsticks.

5. Separate the battered seeds and wrap the bean paste in a steamer for 5 to 7 minutes.

【Amaranthus handmade cake with grains】

1. Mix well with butter.

2. Add sugar and mix again gently.

3. Divide the eggs one by one and stir while mixing well.

4. Amaranth, put the other.

5. Add flour and mix at the end.

6. Put in a mold and bake in oven 180 degrees for 40 minutes.


1. Amaranthus flour and flour are sieved together.

2. Mix carbonic acid and eggs well.

3. Add ingredients in order and mix well.

4. Add flour and mix well, then add vinegar.

5. Complete steaming with steamer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Cooking point

1. I used the powder of amaranth, which is popular as a health food.

2. I used amaranth as grain and baked it in the oven.

Reiko Koyama's "Amaranthus snack"

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