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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area


Saruga Ishikawa fish dishes
(Right photo) Ayuzu
(Photo: left) Boiled sweet potatoe (one dish)


Ayu (use fresh ones), salt, vinegar, sushi rice, ginger

How to make

1. Ayu take cotton and wash it well with salt, vinegar and let go overnight. (As it is)

2. Make a recommendation. Ayu-no-o-tsu-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi-no-kushi. Allow some time.

3. If it is recommended, cut it into a suitable number if it is sweet and sour, and serve ginger assorted.