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New local food

Main area


Introduction of cooking

It is a bowl of rice with lots of seafood.


(For 5 people)
Rice ... 3.3 cups, sea urchin ... 100 g, mash ... 5 pcs, seaweed ... 50 g, carrots ... 30 g, ajiji ... 5 pieces of seasoning sugar ... 1 tablespoon, soy sauce ... 1 tablespoon, liquor ... 1 tablespoon, salt ... a little bit

How to make

1. Wash the rice about 30 minutes before cooking.

2. Chop the seaweed. Let the rice go loose. Boil with boiling water to remove the intestine and slice it. Carrots are sliced and seasoned.

3. Put 1 rice in a rice cooker, add the above seasonings and cook.

4. When the rice is steamed, add all the ingredients of 2 and mix.

5. Put the rice in a bowl, place the sea urchin on top of it, and sprinkle the green onions.

Cooking point

1. "Uni" is used for steaming, considering its shelf life.

2. Use mutter and abalone depending on the season.

3. To cook the ingredients, well, because the sweetness of the salt and the ingredients are somewhat sweet, the ingredients should only be seasoned with carrots.

4. Wakame seaweed should be mixed just before serving when mixing ingredients with rice in order to make good use of flavor and color.

Kadokawa-me Kishino's "Edogahama Rin"

Store name Tanichi Sanae direct contact open space

Place Yono-cho Taneichi 32-95-1 (along National Highway No. 45)

Telephone 0194-65-4575 (FAX)

HP address http://www.pref.iwate.jp/kenpoku/kuji_noukai/denshikan/007430.html

Description Packed for sale. The restaurant "Friendly" is also available upon reservation.

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