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In Towa, which is known as the prefecture of South America, chopsticks and sushi are often served as event food. The sushi that is favored by everyone is a pattern of flowers, animals, characters, faces and so on. The sushi to be introduced this time is a heavy-rolled sushi that uses Tamakoyaki to represent Towa specialty rose flowers.


(4 servings or 8 meals) recommended (white 350g, pink 80g), seaweed (1 sheet, 1⁄4 sheet, 1/6 sheet 1 sheet), grilled egg ... (3 eggs, sugar, a little salt) ), Simmering ... (salted) 5 ~ 6 (40 g), red ginger ... (cut open) 25 ~ 30 g

How to make

1. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to 3 eggs and mix carefully. Prepare a 21cm square egg pan and make two thinly baked eggs. As it will be a dry egg if you burn slowly with low heat, bake it quickly so as not to burn it over medium heat.

2. On top of the roll, stack 2 sheets of thin baked egg approximately 2 cm long. Place a pink plump on top of this, and sprinkle the red ginger chopsticks as well. Make a solid spiral from the front while taking up the roll, and stop with a rubber band to calm down.

3. Put the paste on the roll in the vertical length and spread the lay flat about 250 g. Leave the left and right sides of the paste neat to the end, and open the top and bottom of the paste about 1 cm (over and on the front). Using a potato, make two narrow grooves 5 to 6 cm apart on the other side.

Put each paste in the groove of 4.3, and cut both ends of the end properly and arrange in this groove. If the length is not enough, arrange them two at a time. In this way, you can get a neat and neat cut □. Depending on the season, and depending on the location, you may use pickle stems.

5. Place the rose flower wound in the center, hold the roll in the vertical position, pull it from the left and right, slightly compensate for the set in the fit, and roll it in firmly. The position of the leaves may be shifted as desired.

Cooking point

1. Make sure to spread sushi rice carefully to the edges of nori seaweed, and make it possible for customers to use the end too.

2. Keep the volume properly.

3. Since the mold will break when sliced, it is better to cut one into eight.

4. Use a paper towel to wipe the oil of omelet and the juice of red ginger.

5. Use a knife that cuts well.

Hirano Kazuko's "Festival Sushi (Rose Flower)"

Store name Mother's restaurant "Tatano no wa" (Agriculty market direct sales place "Aozora")

Place Hanamaki City Towacho Anhui 6 Ward 94

Telephone 0198-42-3152

Business day / Business hours 10:00 to 17:00

Regular holiday January 1st to 3rd, 2nd Wednesday of every month

Explanation A festival sushi of 80 yen, a triple rice ball of 160 yen, 400 yen of cod roe soup, 420 yen of Mahoroba ramen and 300 yen of tofu cake are also popular menus.

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