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Introduction of cooking

"Soiled rice" is a unique regional cuisine eaten by commoners in the Tono area during the Shosei period. Although there were few recorded materials at that time, I enjoyed the eating habits with wisdom and ingenuity by using ingredients that could be taken in the immediate vicinity. "Soiled rice" introduced here is a reproduction of the present day, the seasonal product is served on the rice, adding seasonings such as dried bonito, etc., pouring in fresh juice and eating.


(For one) 200 g of rice, 20 g of radish, 20 g of carrot, 10 g of green leaves (Mitsuba, Seri etc.) 10 g, fried (Yuba) of 10 g, skin (dried mandarin orange peel) 1 tablespoon, kelp Appropriately, 1/2 teaspoon of walnut, A seasoning liquid 2 liters of miso soup for 2 liters of mirin 180 cc, light soy sauce 180 cc

How to make

1. Cook rice a little bit more. Cut daikon radish and carrot into shreds, boil it and use salt and pickle in soup.

2. Boil the stems of green leaves from the leaves and cut into 5 minutes.

3. Add the seasoning solution to a deep-boiled deep-fried fry and boil it into small pieces. Lightly roast the walnuts.

4. Slice dried orange peel. The dried shiitake is sliced into a sweet and spicy dish with a liquid obtained by adding a little sugar to the A seasoning liquid.

5. Make kelp soup with salt, sake, and soy sauce with a little taste.

6. Put the above ingredients, chopsticks and string on the rice.

7. Add grated pudding and seasonings as you like, pour warm soup from the edge of the bream and eat.

Cooking point

1. Select carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

2. Choose a mouthfeel and look good.

3. Ingredients Taste the ingredients so that they are balanced when mixed.

4. Fresh soup is seasoned with the taste of the ingredients.

Mr. Ikeda's "Fried Rice" (Kazarishi)

Store Name Family Restaurant "Windmill"

Place Tono-shi Saori-cho 8-2-1 Shinto Road Station "Tono Kaze no Oka"

Telephone 0198-62-0222

FAX 0198-62-0205

HP address http://www.thr.mlit.go.jp/road/koutsu/roadstation/iwate/iw17.html

Business day / Business hours April 1-October 15 11:00-19:00
October 16 to March 31 11:00 to 17:30

Regular holiday 4 th Thursday of every month

Explanatory meal ¥ 1,500 ¥ Please reserve in advance for 15 people or more.