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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area



Tofu, garlic, miso, sake

How to make

1. Cut a slightly stiffened tofu into a rectangular shape.

2. Add garlic grated, miso, sake etc. and knead well.

Bake the tofu with charcoal and bake both sides with 2 garlic miso.

"Tofu Taku" of Hashikami Kasuikai

Store Name Ishijinza

Place Kuji City Yamane Town Agami 1-28 Katsura's water wheel open space

Telephone 0194-57-2337 (representative Okubo Fumi home)

Business day Open only on the first Sunday of April-December

Explanation Use of home-grown soybeans. One piece of Tofu Taku Raku 100 yen. Garlic miso is delicious. Soba Kiri, Ukiuki dumplings, military gifts are also popular.

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