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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area

Ninohe City

Introduction of cooking

In this area where buckwheat is low, buckwheat has been devised as a daily food instead of rice. Above all, home-made soba is indispensable for ceremonial occasions.


(15 people) buckwheat flour 1 kg, 2 cups of hot water, 1 cup of water

How to make

1. Boil the whole buckwheat flour and boil it until it becomes crispy.

2. Next, pour in water. Put your strength and knead well.

3. Cut thinly.

4. Put 3 in plenty of hot water and boil while boiling with boiling water.

5. For cold water, flush with water.

Cooking point

1. Take extra care when kneading and soaking the soba.

"Hand-made soba" by Shizuko Miura

Store Name Kitchen Garden

Location Nichito-shi Komaga-ji sea-coast Maeda 6-13

Telephone 0195-38-4936 (FAX)

HP address http://www11.ocn.ne.jp/ ̅k- garden /

E-Mail k-garden@axel.ocn.ne.jp

Business Day / Opening Hours March-October 8:30-18:00 November-February 8:30-17:30

Regular holiday January 1 to 3

Explanation "Hand-made soba" 2 balls 300 yen, reservation required. We sell other handmade sweets.