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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area

Karume town

Introduction of cooking

I use buckwheat flour that is milled with locally produced buckwheat. The buckwheat flour is 100%, yet boasts a strong, resilient body.


(4-5 people) buckwheat flour 530g, hot water 170cc, water 120cc (with buckwheat water)

How to make

1. Put buckwheat flour in a bowl, add 170 cc of hot water and mix. After leveling, add about 120 cc of water.

2. Mix the flour and water well with the hands crossed, knead the small dumplings into one large dumpling.

3. Knead the powder left in the bowl and finish it into a conical dumpling, sprinkle the flour on the batter and move the dumpling to the batter.

4. Push and stretch at the base of your thumb. Rotate the batter and use more flour to make the thickness uniform.

5. Apply flour to a thickness of about 2 mm, fold it in three and fold it in half. Spread flour, place on top and cut the kitchen knife forward.

6. Lift the chopped buckwheat with one hand, and let the flour flour with another hand. Put the soba in boiling water and swim gently in a bowl.

7. Once the sunken side floats up, pull it up. Put the buckwheat noodles in cold water.

8. Wash to the extent that the flouriness is no more greasy and greasy. Drain the water and put it in a bowl.

Cooking point

1. When putting in hot water and mixing it, even with the palm, grind it until it becomes granular of fine sand crush.

2. Put the one or two servings soaring immediately into the pan.

3. When washing with soaking in cold water, spread your fingers and move your hands to the left and right as you loosen them.

"Hand-made soba" of the three sisters of Millet Park Soba

Store Name Millet Park

Place Karume-cho Oji Yamauchi 33-53-1

Telephone 0195-47-145

HP address http://www.town.karumai.iwate.jp/syokokanko/kanko/kankoshisetsu/milletpark. Html

Business day / Business hours Mid April-November 30 10:00-17:00

Regular holiday The day after Monday and public holidays

Explanation "Zaru soba" 600 yen, "soba set meal" 800 yen. Buckwheat flour ground with a stone mill is 100% buckwheat noodles. You can experience soba making (reservation required, ¥ 3,000 for 5 bowls)

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