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Introduction of cooking

It is the wheat miso rice cake which I painted and fried it with oil.


(For 50 pieces) 2 flour, 6-7 cups of boiling water, 1 cup of miso, 1 cup of sugar, 200 g of walnuts, a little starch powder, oil, as appropriate

How to make

1. Rough cut the walnuts. Mix the miso and sugar well and add the walnuts. Put the starch powder melted in water and mix well.

2. Put flour in a kneading bowl and pour boiling water little by little over the whole flour while stirring. When the whole powder gets wet, use the powder and lightly shake with both hands.

3. When finished, put it on a 1cm thick with a rolling pin. Using a boiling tea bowl or the like with a diameter of about 5 to 6 cm, round and die-cut.

Boil 4.3 and scoop up and let it cool naturally.

5. Apply Walnut miso which you made earlier to the whole.

6. Heat oil in a tempura pan and fry 5 at medium temperature. When it is scorched and lifted, take it out.

7. Stir in the coffin after cooling down.

Cooking point

1. Make sure to leave 2 cups of flour before milling.

2. When you knead, always use boiling water and put it in one go and knead it thoroughly.

3. The condition is soft and firm, and if it is torn, it should be slightly stretched.

"Yame miso rice cake" by Tomoko Sawaguchi

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