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New local food

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Introduction of cooking

It is a mochi rice cake made with dried white powder of Morohaiya.


(About eight)
Chilled ground flour (glutinous rice) ... 1 cup, water ... 3/4 cup, sugar 1/2 cup, white chopped bean paste ... 200 g, salt ... a little bit, starch powder ... proper amount, morohiya powder ... proper amount, Kinako ... proper amount

How to make


1. Soak the white rabbit in water for 12 hours. Replace the water twice on the way.

2. Boil the boiled rabbit in a colander until it becomes soft and wash in a bowl etc. 5 to 6 times with water, then put in a cloth bag and squeeze the water.

3. Put 2 sugar, salt in a pot and knead well until the water is gone.

4. Round to 30g or so.


1. Put in cold water, sugar and water in a pot, boil with a spatula, and if it is firm, add Morohaya powder and knead it thoroughly. Add Morohaya powder while watching the color condition.

Divide into equal parts and wrap the eggplant into a shape.

3. Apply Kina Powder and finish.

Cooking point

1. When you knead the flour, slowly knead it slowly and gently until it becomes transparent. (It is an important work process to decide the sticky skin.)

2. Use flour as finely ground as possible.

3. The amount of water used to make mochi needs to be adjusted since the water content varies depending on the time of milling.

4. To finish the white bean paste, rinse it with water five to six times after boiling and filtering.

5. The powder of Morohaiya is put when the mochi has cooled to human skin. When it's hot, the color does not come out beautifully.

Uemura Takako's "Mochi rice cake"

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Explanation 250 yen with 3 pieces