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traditional Cousine

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Introduction of cooking

There is a wide variety of salmon dishes in the Mizusawa region of the US zone. Above all, the black bean-flavored soy sauce bowl has long been used as a snack and a small lunch, and it has been transmitted from the bowl to the bride in every house.


1 glutinous rice, 1 black bean, 1 g white sugar 300g, sesame flour, as appropriate, flour, salt, starch, a little

How to make

1. Put glutinous rice in water overnight.

2. Wipe the black beans and wipe in a frying pan.

3. Gently glutinous rice, drain the water, add roasted black beans and steam with a steamer.

4. After steaming glutinous rice for 9 minutes, put in the order of sugar, sesame and salt, and add water-soluble flour at the end.

5. Put starch powder in a box, shape well, cool and cut.

Cooking point

1. In order to bring out the smell of black beans, use after roasting in a frying pan.

Shizuko Shinohara's "Black Beans with Seasoning Bowl"

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