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Pseudonym reading Takano Urazuka
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date January 22, 1934
Specified details
location Ofunato City Akasaki Town Character Ashinoura
owner Outside Ofunato City
Holding group
Management organization Ofunato
home page Ofunato City (Kaizuka)


It is a large shell mound in the middle of Jomon Period distributed on hills and slopes facing the east coast of Ofunato Bay.
Surveys have been conducted since ancient times, and Waseda University conducted an excavation survey in 1957 (1957).
The shell layer is annular, but a part facing east and southwest is cut.
The shell layer has a depth of 2 m and is thick.
Some layers consist of a single type, such as oyster layers, clam layers, and fish bone layers.
Shellfish mainly consists of clams such as oysters, sea urchins, sea snails, sea lions, etc. Fish are seaweed such as red sea bream, sea bass, horse mackerel, tobiei and tuna, and mammals such as dog, deer, wild boar, whale, dolphin, wolf and ten. doing.
Stone products are punched stone pebbles, stone weights, stone pebbles, stone bees, stone pebbles, etc. In bone horns, many hooks, bones, bone hanging ornaments, etc. ing.
It is valuable in a typical shell mound in the middle of Jomon period.